The Downfall of the Most Read Magazines in Spain

The Downfall of the Most Read Magazines in Spain

The Downfall of the Most Read Magazines in Spain – The new era of smartphones makes people rarely buy printed magazines. Because of it, the companies need to think about a new way to survive and those that cannot survive will suffer. There are lots of companies in Spain and some of them are the most read magazines. Here are the top five magazines that also suffer in this era.
– El Pais
The first magazine was El Pais, a daily newspaper that takes up third place as the most read magazine in Spain. The company released its internet edition in 1990s but changed its policy to make visitors pay to read the content in 2002. The number of visitors drastically fell and made them suspend the magazine some months later.

– El Periodico
El Periodico takes up the second position as the most read magazine in Spain. The magazine didn’t really get impacted by the digitalization era because they could keep up and invent new things that can make them still exist in the industry. As of today, the magazine is still popular because they are easier to read and prioritize in graphics and color as well, like the great graphic quality you will see when playing online Baccarat at

– El Publico
El Publico is the ninth largest magazine company in Spain and they target young readers for their magazine. The magazine suffered from loss resulting in it being taken over by the parent company.

ABC newspaper is the third most read magazine in Spain and it is also the oldest company that still exists as of today. They can survive until today because they made an archive of the news in 1903 and published them online.

El Mundo

– El Mundo
El Mudo takes up second place as the most read magazine in Spain. They secure second place because they created a new subscription for their exclusive customers to access their electronic version.

Although those five magazines were the most read magazines in Spain, they couldn’t really keep up with the new era resulting in them losing their positions in the industry. Those magazines are forced to think of a new way so that they can meet the target and be able to continue their business.

The Most Read Magazine in France VS Digitalization

The Most Read Magazine in France VS Digitalization

Digitalization makes everything in your life within the reach of your hands, including magazines. You don’t need to buy printed magazines again because you can freely access the ones you like on your smartphones. The French magazines couldn’t really keep up with the era and suffered from bankruptcy.
– L’Opinion
L’opinion is one of the magazines that can survive in the digitalization era. The company didn’t really do well at first because it was also impacted by digitalization. But, the editor-in-chief, Luc de Baronchez, invented the online paper that also helped the magazine to survive until today.

– Telegramme de Brest
Telegramme de Brest, also known as Le Telegramme, had a great impact on the digitalization era. However, the newspaper can survive well because in 1996, they published their contents on the website with the new tabloid format they introduced. Because of their inventions, they became one of the first magazines to launch digitized content on the website.

– The Dauphine Libere
The Dauphine Libere is a magazine that delivers local news. The digitalization era can be tackled well by this magazine because in 2008, they launched the weekly Grenews in the website and webTV to get more audiences in the Grenoble area.

– Mediapart
Unlike the previous magazines, Mediapart doesn’t publish the printed version of their magazine. They made a debut with the online format in 2008 and gained lots of attention from the readers because of the investigations they conduct.

– Atlantico
The last French magazine is Atlantico which also brings out the same format as Mediapart. The magazine doesn’t publish the printed version as well but can attract the attention of the readers by publishing news scandals.

Most of the French magazines cannot cope with the change and some cannot really survive on the business. The common reason is that they are not prepared to change and cannot move online to cater to the readers needs. The worst is that they cannot reach global readers which makes them fail to keep their places in the business.

New Rules for Audiovisual Media Services Directive to Change Video-sharing Platform Services

Audiovisual Media Services Directive, or AVMSD, contains guidelines for audiovisual media, including on-demand services and TV broadcasts. The rules have been changed into several revisions and the last one was published in 2020. The latest revision also mentions that social media platforms are also included in the guidelines. Here are the impacts that might happen.

– Revisions to AVMSD
The AVMSD was first initiated in 1980s and as time goes by, they believe that the regulation of the audiovisual network should be changed so that the users can get the saver content of the audiovisual media. The revisions were also made twice in 1997 and 2007 before the last revision is made.

The latest was to include on-demand program services, or ODPS, in 2018. The latest revision was made on May 30 and the deadline for this revision will be September 2020 and the member should implement the guidelines after the deadline.

– What the Revisions Are About
The revision focuses on the content of audiovisual media, including social media platforms, live streaming services, pornography sites, and others. The revision will target content so that it will not harm children and they also cannot join online poker at The revision also focuses on protecting the public from violent and hateful content, false respect for certain communities, as well as illegal content.

– How Video-sharing Is Affected
Video-sharing platforms don’t really get affected by these guidelines because there are some criteria to be included in the guidelines. The criteria are about the income that they will get, the popularity of social media, the payment for the users, and the tools used in the social media platform. The social media platform that has below 2% market share will be excluded from the obligation.

New Rules for Audiovisual Media Services Directive to Change Video-sharing Platform Services

Other than that, this obligation is non-binding and the member states can adjust the regulation based on their needs, although they still need to comply with some of the regulations. Further practices will be implemented after the deadline.

Although social media platforms are also included here, the guidelines will be implemented next September 2020 and fortunately, not all social media platforms are included here. Overall, the guidelines are created to protect users from some content that may harm them in the future.

Best Things about European Public Service

Best Things about European Public Service

Best Things about European Public Service – In many European countries, the public services are considered as some of the best. Some people think it is because those countries are big nations. This might be one of the most logical reasons why those countries are able to give the best public service to all of its citizens. However, you also need to realize that this is not only because of the power of their nation. It is also because of the service and some other things that are closely related with the public service itself. For your information, there are some points that you can highlight if you are wondering why the public services in European region are very good.

– Totality of the Service
The first one is the totality of the service that they give to all of the citizens. It does not matter where you live, the public service is one of those fields that are fully handled by the government, either the local government of the central government. This is why the government actually has the power to do things that they have to do. In some countries, the government will not want to do anything. Fortunately, in Europe you will never find something like that. The government pay full attention to the service of their public service. They are totally doing all of the things for their citizen. This is the kind of totality that all other countries have to follow. They start from the facilities that are required to help people out there. After that, they also make sure that the staffs working on their fields are the best possible staffs that they can find.

about European Public Service

– Support from Central Government
The next one is the full support from the central government. If the staff and the local government have done their parts in building the amazing public service, then it is the time for the central government to do their job by helping those public services. You need to realize that all of those public services usually get a kind of allowance or compensation to help the citizens that they get from the central government. It is one thing that you can always find on the yearly allowance. That is why when the central government make regulation or something related with the allowance, they need to do it fast. The faster the support is, the better the service that the people can get from the public service.

Revised Guidelines for Audiovisual Media Services Directive: It Effects Social Media

Revised Guidelines for Audiovisual Media Services Directive, It Effects Social Media

The revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive or AVMSD, will be implemented next September 2020. The revised guidelines will cover both traditional TV broadcasts and On-Demand services. However, it will also affect some famous social media that you might use right now. Here are the effects that you might want to know.
– The Latest AVMSD Regulation
The AVMSD regulation was initiated in 1980s and it controls how audiovisual media distribute content to users. The regulation has gone through some revisions and the latest one was in May 2020, but it will be officially implemented in September 2020.

The latest also covers audiovisual media services and this latest regulation will ensure that they give responsible broadcasts to children and the public. The regulations will ensure that the media doesn’t expose children to harmful content, like when playing online poker. Then, the media also need to make sure that there is no illegal content, violence, or hatred. Also, the guidelines will make audiovisual media services respect the obligation of commercial communications.

– Social Media Platforms Affected by Regulation
Social media platforms are also affected by this regulation, but not all of them. The social media platforms should follow some criteria to be included in this guideline. The criteria include the tools, monetization, uses, and economic relevance of the social media platforms. Then, the market share of the social media platforms should be higher than 2% to be included here and those that are below the number might be freed from the obligations.

– The implementation of AVMSD Regulation
The AVMSD was initiated in May 2020, but the actual implementation of this regulation will begin in September 2020 and will be officially included in national legislation. Meaning that the audiovisual media services should comply with the obligation, once it is officially implemented.

However, the audiovisual media services can adjust the guidelines to some extent because the guidelines are non-binding. The EU Commission will then look at the real practices of the Member States after it is implemented to take futher actions later.

The revised regulatory process will affect how content is shared through social media platforms. The content should not harm children or the public and will be effective as of September 2020. But don’t worry, the regulatory process will only cover some social media platforms.

What is EBU or European Broadcasting Union?

What is EBU or European Broadcasting Union

What is EBU or European Broadcasting Union? – As we already know that PSM or Public Service Media is made and controlled by the public, and purposed for the benefit of the public. A great public service media should be able to entertain, inform and also educate the audiences. In Europe, there is a European Broadcasting Union or also called EBU that always supports and strengthens the public service media for the public.

– About the European Broadcasting Union
The European Broadcasting Union or EBU is one of the world’s notable alliances of PSM or Public Service media. This organization is established on 12 February 1950. It has 116 member organizations in 56 countries around the world and also 34 Associates members in Asia, Australia, America, and Africa.

A member of EBU comes from a lot of countries around the world which is also similar to where all online gambling players come from. From Europe, there are a lot of countries join this organization, including from Azerbaijan in the east and Ireland in the west, also from Egypt in the south and Iceland in the north.

The members of this EBU organization can obtain more than one billion audiences around the world by broadcasting over 2,000 television, online channels, radio, services, and other platforms. This organization is well known for its Eurovision and also Euroradio services that can reach audiences all over the world.

– The Mission of the European Broadcasting Union
The EBU is a Public Service Media broadcaster that established independently and controlled by the public for the benefit of the public as a whole. The mission of this organization is to strengthen and support the public service media itself. And for the member, EBU is established with purpose as a place for learning and sharing.

The Benefits as Member of European Broadcasting Union
As a part of the international community of media organizations in the world, the members of the European Broadcasting Union or EBU will certainly get a lot of benefits from this membership. The first benefit is getting access to get some world-class and exclusive content ranging from news, children’s program, music program, sports and more. And the other benefit is getting an opportunity for sharing and learning about the public service media with a team of experts through the related activities or events like training, working groups, conferences and more.

The EBU or European Broadcasting Union is one of the reputable public service media organizations in the world. Since its establishment, the EBU always supports and strengthens the public service media that is purposed for the benefit of the public as a whole.

Reasons People Want to Work in European Media Public Service Companies

Reasons People Want to Work in European Media Public Service Companies – After completing college education, most people immediately want to work to make their own money. There are many vacancies available at this time. Perhaps one of the most sought after jobs is to work in a European media public service company. Often we find vacancies to work in this one company.

Of course, many people are interested in working in the public services of large European companies. Many promising and interesting things can be obtained by working in a European media public service company that is engaged in information technology. If you are one of the many people who want to apply here, you might be able to reconsider your reasons. Because the reason for entering a company is often asked during job interviews.

Reasons to Join European Media Public Service Companies

When asked the kinds of questions in a job interview, maybe some answers will depend on the candidate’s preferences. But about the questions related to the reason you applied for a job, then you have to prepare yourself for the answer.

Because the answer you give will show your goals and expectations regarding the company. For example, not a few people want to join a European media public service company because this company belongs to the leading company.

Some people want to join the European media public service company because they want to take a role in development within the country. The reason for this one is actually very reasonable. Companies that are engaged in public media services in Europe, of course, are very closely related to technology development for many people.

The development donated to the community will be useful for the country’s development as well. So if you want to participate in the country’s development, then joining a European media public service company is a good step. The reason given to the interviewer will convince the interviewer that you really really want to be in that position.

Many people also want to work in European media public service companies because they want to work. After graduating from the Information Technology Department, of course it would be a shame if the knowledge obtained was not well applied in this field. Therefore working with European media public service companies in the field of information technology is considered the most appropriate choice.

Through this job choice, you can work according to the education you have taken. Companies will usually be increasingly interested in young spirits who are passionate and want to work in the field they are working on. Those are some reasons for someone who wants to work in the field of European media public service companies.

Information Technology Companies that are Popular in Europe

Supercell Company

Now many people are increasingly fond of technology. The reason is the interesting development that occurs so quickly, the results obtained from the use of various technologies, to new knowledge that never fails to make anyone who sees become amazed.

Supercell Company

Some companies engaged in the technology managed to steal the attention of the public and make them increasingly favored because of the uniqueness and greatness of all the discoveries they have achieved.

1. Spotify
For music fans, it’s no longer cool with a company called Spotify. If South Korea has Melons, then in Europe now it has Spotify, which even its services have been enjoyed in Indonesia. Spotify is a company that offers music streaming platforms. The Spotify company has a headquarters or center in Stockholm, Sweden. The company first launched its product on October 7, 2008 and is now available in up to 78 countries. If you use Spotify, you don’t need to worry about licensing or piracy because you have already obtained permission from record labels and other media companies.

2. European Technology Platforms (ETPs)
The European Technology Platform or commonly abbreviated as ETP is one of the technology companies that offers very broad networking services. Those who join ETP are expected to sharpen the form of industry in Europe. The target groups of ETP are SMEs, large-scale entrepreneurs, several Science universities in Europe, Research Facilities, Researchers who work individually or independently, organizations that do not collect profits, and many others. They work together to build a strong networking network to form a strong European Union as well.

3. Supercell Company
For fans of games, especially those in Europe, you must know this company. Using today’s technology, Supecell is one of the most sought after by the public. Many games have been enjoyed by the wider community such as the popular Clash of Clans.

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