There are so many types of companies in Europe that are engaged in various fields. In this era of globalization that is mushrooming is in the field of media public services, especially in the fields of science and technology. One reason is that the rapid and changing developments in the field of technology make many companies emerge with the aim of creating new technologies or developing existing technologies.

On the other hand all types of human work are now more assisted with technology so that inevitably there must be public services in the field of technology. It also opens wide vacancies to gain profits and widen existing job vacancies.

Media service companies in the field of science and technology in Europe which are now the most developed are in the field of shipping and entertainment. This was triggered by the number of buying and selling activities carried out online that were easier and more efficient so that now many people use shipping services.

Then in the field of programming knowledge is also growing because the number of communication services, especially through the internet network that widens the connection network makes many companies interested in expanding services in the field of communication. And this triggers also to increase the interest of the community to use services and continue like that like a chain that never breaks.

A smooth internet network and easily accessible communication also have an impact on the entertainment sector. Now many people need services to enjoy all aspects of entertainment that are easy to use and efficient. Like music players and videos that are much sought after. More entertainment from outside Europe is coming quickly making many people want to continue to access entertainment as broadly as possible. And that of course will not be separated from the help of all inventions and also development carried out by companies that are mostly engaged in the field of public media services.