The Downfall of the Most Read Magazines in Spain

The Downfall of the Most Read Magazines in Spain – The new era of smartphones makes people rarely buy printed magazines. Because of it, the companies need to think about a new way to survive and those that cannot survive will suffer. There are lots of companies in Spain and some of them are the most read magazines. Here are the top five magazines that also suffer in this era.
– El Pais
The first magazine was El Pais, a daily newspaper that takes up third place as the most read magazine in Spain. The company released its internet edition in 1990s but changed its policy to make visitors pay to read the content in 2002. The number of visitors drastically fell and made them suspend the magazine some months later.

– El Periodico
El Periodico takes up the second position as the most read magazine in Spain. The magazine didn’t really get impacted by the digitalization era because they could keep up and invent new things that can make them still exist in the industry. As of today, the magazine is still popular because they are easier to read and prioritize in graphics and color as well, like the great graphic quality you will see when playing online Baccarat at

– El Publico
El Publico is the ninth largest magazine company in Spain and they target young readers for their magazine. The magazine suffered from loss resulting in it being taken over by the parent company.

ABC newspaper is the third most read magazine in Spain and it is also the oldest company that still exists as of today. They can survive until today because they made an archive of the news in 1903 and published them online.

El Mundo

– El Mundo
El Mudo takes up second place as the most read magazine in Spain. They secure second place because they created a new subscription for their exclusive customers to access their electronic version.

Although those five magazines were the most read magazines in Spain, they couldn’t really keep up with the new era resulting in them losing their positions in the industry. Those magazines are forced to think of a new way so that they can meet the target and be able to continue their business.

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