The Most Read Magazine in France VS Digitalization

Digitalization makes everything in your life within the reach of your hands, including magazines. You don’t need to buy printed magazines again because you can freely access the ones you like on your smartphones. The French magazines couldn’t really keep up with the era and suffered from bankruptcy.
– L’Opinion
L’opinion is one of the magazines that can survive in the digitalization era. The company didn’t really do well at first because it was also impacted by digitalization. But, the editor-in-chief, Luc de Baronchez, invented the online paper that also helped the magazine to survive until today.

– Telegramme de Brest
Telegramme de Brest, also known as Le Telegramme, had a great impact on the digitalization era. However, the newspaper can survive well because in 1996, they published their contents on the website with the new tabloid format they introduced. Because of their inventions, they became one of the first magazines to launch digitized content on the website.

– The Dauphine Libere
The Dauphine Libere is a magazine that delivers local news. The digitalization era can be tackled well by this magazine because in 2008, they launched the weekly Grenews in the website and webTV to get more audiences in the Grenoble area.

– Mediapart
Unlike the previous magazines, Mediapart doesn’t publish the printed version of their magazine. They made a debut with the online format in 2008 and gained lots of attention from the readers because of the investigations they conduct.

– Atlantico
The last French magazine is Atlantico which also brings out the same format as Mediapart. The magazine doesn’t publish the printed version as well but can attract the attention of the readers by publishing news scandals.

Most of the French magazines cannot cope with the change and some cannot really survive on the business. The common reason is that they are not prepared to change and cannot move online to cater to the readers needs. The worst is that they cannot reach global readers which makes them fail to keep their places in the business.

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