The Owner of the Most Influential European Media Public Service Company Right Now

Media has become a daily part of society today. Especially social media. In daily life, people cannot escape the use of social media. So it is not surprising that the growth of European public media services can grow rapidly. Society now needs technology in everyday life.

Starting from simple things like to order tickets, travel, and so on. In addition, to communicate, social media is also very much needed. So companies in the information technology sector are increasingly mushrooming today. Some of them that have survived long enough have also become the most influential media public service companies now.

Most Influential

The Name of the Most Influential European Media Public Service Company Now

You must be familiar with the name Mark Zuckerberg. He is the founder of Facebook, one of the most influential social media at the moment. His company is an influential European media public service. It is estimated that around 2 billion monthly active users and more than one billion enter Facebook every day.

Facebook has indeed become more developed than when it first appeared. Facebook offers many cool features such as messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger. In addition, Facebook is also expanding its wings by joining or forming groups. In 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp. Then in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, this company is also the most influential European media public service at the moment. Facebook, which was bought for $ 1 billion by Facebook in 2012, is the most popular social network for sharing photos. Instagram is the main social network for sharing real-time photos and short videos while on the go.

Initially this application was only available for iOS platforms. But over time, Instagram can be used for Android, Windows, and even the web. The large number of Instagram users makes this company very influential in society. Almost all classes in the community have used Instagram. Even now Instagram has also been involved in business.

There is also Twitter that was first founded by Jack Dorsey. This social network is the first microblogging network ever. Most users like the concept of using Twitter, where you can only write with 140 characters without a filter. Now Twitter users can write more than 140 characters.

But a lot of criticism arises because Twitter has almost functioned like Facebook. Even so, Twitter remains in the most influential European media public service company today. Besides that, YouTube is now also included in the company that is influential because more and more users are using YouTube not only to watch videos but also become creators.

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